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We are ready for Phase 2 of our Computer Lab Campaign!

We know that you care about children and we are excited to continue this project with you!

Until recently, they had limited exposure to technology due to outdated computers. Because of your generosity, we raised money to purchase computers. In March of 2021, a classroom was remodeled, 30 computers were ordered, new desks and chairs were purchased and the software
uploaded. That was Phase 1.

We did not anticipate four new obstacles:
1) Inconsistent power flow into the lab
2) No presentation hardware such as an LCD projector and screen
3) No plug-ins/not enough plug ins to properly support the computers
4) Inadequate ventilation.
In addition, we would like the children to have access to WIFI and the internet. This has resulted in a desire to raise money for a Phase 2.

Your donation can help! Our goal is to raise $10,000 to address these technology needs so children can compete.

Will you be part of the solution?

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