Our Projects

As we partner with New Hope for Africa, we have learned of other projects that we could help with. Below are a list of our past, current, and future projects that 360 Vision for Africa will help New Hope for Africa complete!


Computer Lab | Fully Funded

New Hope for Africa School & Orphanage cannot compete academically given the current technology. The school's computers are old and without internet access or up-to-date software. The school had to rent computers for children to take yearly exams.
Our goal is to raise $10,000 to purchase 20 computers.



Computer Lab Phase 2

Recently a local Rotary club in Uganda agreed to do a site assessment at the school. Once we receive their recommendations on potential improvements, we anticipate creating a Phase 2 plan. Your donation will provide essential seed money for the goals outlined in Phase 2. The goals will be designed to help children thrive academically.

Image by Hu Chen


Project Coming Soon

As we learn more about the orphanage, we learn more about their needs and desires. We love being able to partner with them in these projects to continue bringing HOPE to the children at New Hope for Africa. Stay tuned for more information!