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Our Projects

As we partner with New Hope for Africa, we have learned of other projects that we could help with. Below are a list of our past, current, and future projects that 360 Vision for Africa will help New Hope for Africa complete!


Computer Lab 

New Hope for Africa School & Orphanage cannot compete academically given the current technology. The school's computers are old and without internet access or up-to-date software. The school had to rent computers for children to take yearly exams.
Our goal is to raise $10,000 to purchase 20 computers.



Computer Lab Phase 2

Until recently, they had limited exposure to technology due to outdated computers. Because of your generosity, we raised money to purchase computers. In March of 2021, a classroom was remodeled, 30 computers were ordered, new desks and chairs were purchased and the software uploaded.

360 covid relief.png


COVID Relief Food Packs

In Summer of 2021, because of your help, we sent $2,500 in food for children and families in need.

Betty Ssemugenyi, part of Annet Kayongo's original staff at New Hope for Africa Orphanage and School, shares her deep gratitude for the food they were able to purchase thanks to you! 
Thank you for your generous support!


Grocery Packs

One of the families who made the effort to come to our food distribution event in July was a woman named Jane and her daughter Teddy. Jane is a single mother of three who was disabled. Teddy is about 11 and attends New Hope for Africa School. The bicycle is actually a wheelchair for Jane that Teddy helps push. 

257379293_429312925262154_2002068308369150399_n (1).jpg


Fill 8 Suitcases

In July 2022, Lydia headed to Uganda and we wanted to send 8 suitcases full of much-needed items. We collected donations from friends, family, and sponsors to make this project happen. 
"Thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ..." - 2 Corinthians 2:14


Water Distribution System

Our goal for the end of 2023 and into 2024 id to update the current water system to meet the daily demands for 900 students. When it was previous built in 2008, it was servicing about 200 students. 

Water New Hope 1.jpeg
Image by Hu Chen


Project Coming Soon

As we continue to serve New Hope for Africa, we are made aware of the growing needs at the school and orphanage. Come back soon to see what our next project will be!

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