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We are seeking donations of new or gently used outdoor soccer balls and basketballs. (We will deflate them to fit into suitcases.) Sports shoes like tennis/athletic shoes and soccer cleats. 
If you would like to give a financial gift we would like to be able to purchase items in Uganda for urgent needs we spot when we visit in the Fall of 2024.
These things would include: Mattresses, food bowls, mosquito netting, additional sports equipment, etc. use the DONATE button below for a one time donation toward these items. 




soccer kid.png

Goal: Fill 8 Suitcases
with  sports equipment and shoes! 

We are grateful for your generosity!

If you'd like to support New Hope children on a more consistent basis, please consider becoming a monthly sponsor. It's just $30 per month. The best part is you'll get connected to a specific child!
Use the DONATE button, select OTHER, and set up your recurrent payment to sponsor a child. 

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