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Meet Annet Kayongo

Founder of New Hope for Africa Orphanage


Annet started a Christian orphanage in Uganda Africa in 2001. Prior to that she had been a successful business woman who owned multiple dress shops. A cancer diagnosis and miraculous healing brought her to a place of seeking God for her next steps. She felt that He wanted her to go back to her home village and share a testimony of what the Lord had done. Annet followed that call and shared her story to those who came to hear. What she hadn’t expected was to see numerous children who, after the event was over, did not have a home to go back to. She became gripped by this new awareness that she could not ignore. A few children turned into dozens which turned into hundreds. She named it New Hope for Africa Orphanage. She received a Certificate of Registration in 2003 and a permit from The Republic of Uganda which enables them to operate as a non-governmental organization (NGO). Food and education have been the priorities. After depleting much of her own financial reserves, Annet has been seeking various ways to cover basic expenses. They connected with a church in the UK called King’s Church that started a child sponsorship program. In addition, they ask modest support from local families for tuition for school.

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