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Mukono district is located 22 kilometers from Uganda’s capital city – Kampala, along the Kampala-Jinja highway. The ministry of New Hope for Africa is implemented in rural areas where most of the people are poor. Because Mukono district is only 22 kilometers from the city center, it has a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. New Hope for Africa consists of an orphanage, a school and a church.

At times as many as 600 children and young people have been registered to attend school. The school is licensed by the Uganda government to teach the national curriculum. A much smaller number of children currently reside at the orphanage and the rest attend school and receive meals. Making sure there is enough money for the basics such as food has continued to be a challenge for New Hope. Many of these young people have been orphaned, some having witnessed their parents killed in ethnic genocide, or dying due to HIV/AIDS. Others have been abandoned by relatives or have suffered neglect and resorted to living on the streets. It is hard for us to imagine it. They deserve a better future. Your sponsorship will help to provide accommodation, food, clothing, education and HOPE.


The school provides pre-school, primary and secondary education and all the original makeshift classrooms and dormitories have been replaced with buildings of brick and concrete construction. New Hope provides a safe and caring environment for those who are orphaned and a solid education for those in the community without access to school, so they can achieve their potential. 


In addition to the teaching staff there is a team of cooks, security guards and a matron who safeguard the welfare of the students The school is run by a management committee of senior teaching staff and chaired by Godfrey Kayongo, husband of founder Annet Kayongo.

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