We know that you care about children and we are excited to share this project with you!

New Hope for Africa School & Orphanage cannot compete academically given the current technology. The school's computers are old and without internet access or up-to-date software. The school had to rent computers for children to take yearly exams.

Our initial goal for this project is $10,000 to purchase 20 computers. The cost of one computer is approx. $500. Your gift of any size will help toward the purchase and be greatly appreciated!

Your resources will help the children at New Hope to compete and thrive! You can change their destiny from a life of extreme poverty to a life of hope. 

Patience and children like her deserve to have the opportunity to use their abilities to contribute to the world around them. With your help, they can become the future leaders in Uganda and beyond. 

Meet Patience! You can help her achieve her dreams by helping us build a computer lab.

We learn that she lives with her aunt and uncle, likes mathematics, and football (soccer). She is not just a poor, faceless orphan. She is a child with dreams. She wants to become a nurse!

GOAL: $10, 000

We have raised $10,000 as of 2/2/2020!